Three Links: Writers and Storytellers

You’ll be forgiven for  assuming that all writers are automatically storytellers. Writer’s write stories, so they must by definition also be storytellers. Well, I think that’s what we all strive towards, if we’re fiction writers. Even non-fiction writers can often benefit from telling a good story, but as a fiction writer I think it’s imperative to learn the difference between writing and storytelling, and how to improve in both areas. This is the topic of today’s post.

In “Are you a writer or a storyteller?”, author KM Weiland does a pretty good job of explaining the difference between writing and storytelling, and then provides tips for becoming better at both sides of the coin.

“The 11 Laws of Great Storytelling” may have been written with screenplays in mind, but I think they are valid for novels and shorter stories as well. I particularly like the fact that many of these rules come with examples from popular films, which makes it easier to understand the point the author is trying to convey.

The last link is a personal narrative by Nils Ödlund in which he discusses “Starting Over – Figuring Out How to Tell Stories”. It’s a very interesting read and should resonate with many writers out there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s selection of articles about writing and storytelling. In which category do you fall and do you think the art of storytelling is more or less important than the ability to write well?

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