Three Links: Vivid Descriptions, Mythical Creatures and RPG Inspiration

Today’s installment of your regular bit of procrastination (read: research) is mostly aimed at writers of the fantasy or sci-fi genre, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t learn from them too. I hope you find them as interesting as I did.

Unless you’re writing non-fiction, I’m sure you can also benefit from 5 Tips for Writing Vivid Descriptions that will help your readers immerse themselves in your world. I tend to skip descriptions, assuming that readers can either see what I see in my head (how naive of me) or that they should be allowed to make up the details for themselves (how ignorant of me). The first step to writing convincingly is to write descriptively, I think, and this article shows you how.

A surprising amount of fantasy and sci-fi writers are also gamers, online or otherwise. I myself used to be addicted to one or two MMORPGs and still enjoy the occasional visit to Skyrim or Tyria or a galaxy far, far away. In How Your Role-Playing Game Campaign Can Inspire Your Novel, the author describes how you can take that hobby (or obsession, for some of us) and make something more of it.

Lastly, everyone who’s read Harry Potter will know that JK Rowling’s world is enhanced by the variety of magical creatures in it, from hippogriffs to house elves. If your protagonist is in need of an interesting companion or an unusual antagonist, then perhaps you’ll find some inspiration in A Writer’s List of Mythical Creatures and Beings!

Did you find these articles useful and interesting? Can you point us in the direction of more useful links on these topics? Please do so in the comments below.

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