Three Links: Social Media for Writers

Today’s three links are focussed on social media for the writer, and the internet in general as a resource for not only doing research, but also making others aware of you and your work.

The first link features an interesting infographic on How To be a Google Power User and gives some good hints and tips on how to get the most out of the world’s most popular search engine. It will invariably come in handy when you’re doing research, saving you time and effort in finding the best search results.

Next up is a post I think is incredibly useful if you want to create awareness about yourself and your author brand. The article is entitled 101 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams and let me tell you, some of those tips are pure gold. I’ll be systematically working my way through the list, you can be sure!

Finally, if you don’t know the difference between Instagram or Pinterest, or whether you should be making videos and posting to YouTube, or how to connect on LinkedIn, then this Social Media 101 roundup should get you started.

Have you tried any of these tips? Which ones have you implemented and which ones have made a difference to your online presence?

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