Do you want to be a writer, but you just can’t find the time to sit down and write? Do you need to get away from everyone and everything for a while to focus on your writing? Want a change of scenery? Need some inspiration? Want the company of other writers – to connect, to hear their opinion, to help someone else out?

Well, so did we.

SA Writer’s Retreat aims to provide writers with regular opportunities to break away from their daily routine to prioritise their writing time and to find the inspiration they need to get words on paper.

The objective is to host regular breakaway opportunities within South Africa (and eventually abroad) in the following format:

  • One-day retreat
  • Weekend retreat
  • Midweek retreat
  • Two-week retreat

These retreats contain some or all of the following features:

  • Opportunity to write undisturbed (preferably in nature)
  • Focused genre groupings (where possible)
  • Inspiration sessions (optional)
  • Reading and critique sessions with other attendees (optional)
  • Speakers on writing-related topics (as applicable)
  • Accommodation and catering (as applicable)

If this sounds like just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, then contact us at this email address for more information.


Suneé has written stories all her life, but lately, with a full-time job and a brand-new baby, time for writing has become few and far between. She went looking for dedicated writer’s retreats in South Africa, and more specifically in Gauteng, but didn’t find anything that checked all the boxes. So she decided it was time to rectify this sorry state of affairs. An avid reader with a literature degree, she likes reading most genres but prefers writing fantasy.

Gareth knows what it’s like to live with a writer. Need we say more? He knows just when to fetch a cup of tea to tide over those rough patches, when to close the door and let the muse take over, and when criticism is welcome (and when it isn’t). Movie buff, occasional blogger and sci-fi fan, he is the alpha / beta reader of every writer’s dreams (or of this writer, at least).